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Extensive experience in playing collegiate sports, coaching teams, and developing  athletic  training programs.

Certified & Qualified


Knowledgeable and educated in  kinesiology, functional movement patterns, performance enhancement , injury prevention, and postural restoration.



A track record of successful results from a strategic  methodology  consisting of education, motivation, movement technique, and proper nutrition.

A Background In Better Movement


Zebulon Miller, Founder of ZMovement

Accreditation: TRX Certified, TPI  Fitness Level 2 Certified, FMS Certified, NCSF-CPT CertifiEd, NETA Group Exercise Certified, National Corporate Fitness Specialist Certification

As a former University of North Dakota football player with a Bachelor in Exercise Science and Masters in Kinesiology, Zebulon Miller has the experience and knowledge needed to create results.  His extensive experience in coaching soccer  and  football , as well as team and individual athletic development training programs, has allowed Zebulon to craft physical training programs that work.  

Zebulon is driven by passion and purpose to provide athletes with the tools needed to make goals and dream become a reality.   Through his countless experiences of enhancing lives, Zebulon will help you reach your goals by an empowered education, mental motivation, physical techniques, and an effectively fueled body, both inside and out. 

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